Principal Consultant at PowerPivotPro


Principal Consultant

Full-Time in United States - Remote OK - Associate - Consulting

If you're interested in joining the data revolution, then this job is for you.

PowerPivotPro has been the go-to leader in data empowerment since 2010. Our mission is nothing less than re-shaping the entire analytics industry, turning it into the nimble and revolutionary force it’s always supposed to have been.

Our Principal Consultants are on the front lines every day providing one-on-one remote consulting and on-site training for organizations that are working to adopt this new way of thinking. We need people with great energy, communication skills, and yes, the “hard skills” like DAX and M. Robots are no use to us; we need good human beings. If you're brave enough to fill out an application, then we'll take a look. Best of luck!

Kellan Danielson
VP Client Services